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Ty Tabor - "Naomi's Solar Pumpkin (2005 Remastered)" (MP3)

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$6.99  This is a digital download.


Ty's very first solo offering. This was originally a limited edition, direct-to-consumer release in 1997 and features original recordings of some songs that were re-recorded for Tabor's "official" solo debut, "Moonflower Lane." Naomi's Solar Pumpkin also features four additional songs not found on "Moonflower Lane." Ty remastered the album in 2005, and it is now exclusively offered here, only in MP3 download format. (This download is identical to the version previously offered at


MP3 - 128kbps - 39MB
Artwork: N/A

Track Listing:

Had To Move
Her Palace
I Know Everything
Walk With My Love
Hollow Eyes
Live in Your House
Without You
Boy To Man
Wouldn’t You Like To Be
That’s All

Total playing time: 42:52