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The Jelly Jam - "Additives" (MP3)

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"Additives" is a special fan-package for fans of The Jelly Jam!

Features of this release include:

* Previously unheard audio from the practice sessions that yielded the 2nd album.

* Complete STEM mixes for the song, "I Can't Help You" (album version on the debut album). Stem mixes are hi-res stereo MP3 files with isolated vocals and instrument reduction tracks. Anyone with basic digital audio editing software can virtually remix the entire song. Hear the individual performances of each band member. Have fun, add your own parts, etc. along with the band!

The following 6 stem mixes for "I Can't Help You" are included as individual MP3 files:

- Drums
- Bass
- Rhythm Guitars
- Lead Guitar
- Lead Vocals
- Backing Vocals

* Also included in "Additives" are 4 Ringtones of Jelly Jam tunes. Each ringtone is included as a *M4R (Ringtone) file as well as an MP3 file.

The following 4 ringtones are included:

- "Nature's Girl" (from "The Jelly Jam")
- "I Am the King" (from "The Jelly Jam")
- "Not Today" (from "2")
- "Allison" (from "2")

Rod Morgenstein - Drums, Percussion
John Myung - Bass
Ty Tabor - Vocals, Guitars

1 song. 5:32 minutes.
6 stem mixes. 3:03 minutes (total length of song)
4 Ringtones. 1:30 minutes total (*m4r files)
4 Ringtones. 1:30 minutes total (*mp3 files)

**Stem mixes for "I Can't Help You" are for personal use. Individual stem tracks cannot be used in any other way without prior written approval from Molken Music and The Jelly Jam. (This includes public uploads.)**


Track Listing:

1. Practice Session (5:32)
2. I Can't Help You DRUMS MIX (2:57)
3. I Can't Help You BASS (2:57)
4. I Can't Help You RHYTHM GUITARS MIX (3:02)
5. I Can't Help You LEAD GUITAR (1:27)
6. I Can't Help You LEAD VOCALS (1:57)
7. I Can't Help You BACKING VOCALS (2:14)


Nature's Girl (MP3) (0:20)
Nature's Girl (M4R) (0:20)
I Am the King (MP3) (0:25)
I Am the King (M4R) (0:25)
Not Today (MP3) (0:23)
Not Today (M4R) (0:23)
Allison (MP3) (0:22)
Allison (M4R) (0:22)

MP3 & M4R - 320kbps - 82MB
Artwork (jpg): Hi-res front cover art

Total playing time: 23:07