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The Jelly Jam - "Shall We Descend" (MP3)

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"Shall We Descend" is the brand-new, third album by The Jelly Jam. This trio is comprised of Ty Tabor (King's X), John Myung (Dream Theater) and Rod Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs/Winger).

"Shall We Descend" is the long-awaited follow up to "2" (originally released in 2004). This album is heavy, cohesive, and sure to please fans of this great band. Features the first single, "Who's Comin' Now" as well as gems such as "Halos in Hell" and "Stay Together."

Rod Morgenstein - Drums, Percussion
John Myung - Bass
Ty Tabor - Vocals, Guitars

10 songs. 48 minutes.


Track Listing:

1. Who's Comin' Now
2. Stay Together
3. Halos in Hell
4. Same Way Down
5. Barometric Reign
6. March of the Trolls
7. Questions
8. Shall We Descend
9. Come Alive
10. Ten

MP3 - 320kbps - 156MB
Artwork (jpg): Front cover art (hi-res), lyrics, credits, band photo.

Total playing time: 48:23