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Xenuphobe - "Drone" (MP3)

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**"Drone" is Xenuphobe's third studio release and their first new album in eight years.**

XENUPHOBE (pronounced "zee-nu-fobe") is the psychoactive, ambient collaboration between guitarists TY TABOR (King's X), WALLY FARKAS (Galactic Cowboys/dUg Pinnick's Texas Poundation), and JAMES HENRY (previously known as "Eddie Hash").

"Drone" was recorded live at Molken Studios and focuses on a darker space than previous offerings. Using electric guitars, vintage amps, and digital/analog effects pedals only, the guys delve into musical realms usually ruled by synths.

This hour-long piece has been divided into thirteen tracks but is meant to be experienced as a whole.

All recordings previously unreleased.
13 songs. 62 minutes.


Track Listing:

1. Drones
2. Stratospill
3. Smegabyte
4. Discipline 49
5. What's Infinity to a Lullaby?
6. Rings of Smuth
7. Asiacanasia
8. Hut
9. Green Grasshole
10. Nubian
11. Pluto Is a Planet
12. Gibus
13. Interstellar Drone Ways

MP3 - 320kbps - 137MB
Artwork (jpg): Front cover art (hi-res), Credits (hi-res)

Total playing time: 62:00